Things to Celebrate


2nd year alfalfa coming along nicely

2018 is off to a good start for us, the rain started just hours after finishing up seeding the cash crops. We still have some green manure plowdown to seed (an oat/pea mix) but the rain is a welcome break. This year we are growing wheat, oats, peas, rye, and alfalfa.
We planted a big garden this year, which I’m very excited about. We didn’t plant much of one last year because of my poor health and the busy spring, and boy did we miss it! I can’t wait to go pick fresh lettuce and herbs, or dig new potatoes for supper.

We’ve had lots to celebrate this spring, as we have three new nieces! Nolan’s twin nieces, Nyla and Farah, were born in April, and my niece was born in May. Little Gwenyth decided to come right in the midst of seeding so we haven’t made it down to Edmonton to meet her yet, but I’m absolutely dying to see her and my nephews! I’m hoping we can swing a visit next week.

My brother, Keegan, graduated from grade twelve last Friday. Nolan had finished seeding the wheat at 3 am that morning, so even more reason to celebrate! We are very proud of Keegan, he plans to work for a year and then go to Grande Prairie Regional College to begin his academic journey towards becoming a “wicked chemistry teacher.” He already has a good knack for teaching, as he has had some experience tutoring. I think he will do very well. I’m so proud of him and the person he has become, there were definitely a few feelings leaking out of the corners of my eyes when he walked up to receive his diploma.

Something else to celebrate – my health has been improving (knock on wood). I have been working hard for a long time now to learn to manage my symptoms and I feel like there is finally a tangible difference! I still have my bad days, (that’s why I decided to write today instead of work in the garden), but they are fewer and less severe than they were in the winter. Last winter a “bad pain day” meant I was in bed most of the day and needed pain pills to be able to walk to the bathroom. Now my “bad” days mean I’m maybe not doing physical work but I’m still able to make a meal or two and I can walk without pain killers, usually!


Fall Rye heading out already!

On my good days I have been able to help service equipment, garden, do yardwork, bookwork, run meals out to the field, mow, and do parts runs. I’m a lot slower than the old me and it’s still not as much as I’d like, but it’s an enormous improvement over this time last year. I’m being careful to pace myself and not get too excited and overdo it, but already I am absolutely gleeful that I am able to get outside and work and move my body. I feel like I am making gains every day, and I can feel and see my body getting stronger again. I’m excited to not be so sick and cooped up this summer, I think it’s going to be a good one!


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